Information found online is most likely outdated. All information is to be changed following theory debunk streams, upcoming Patreon comics, and the pilot.

Angel Dust is an infamous adult-film superstar, a 1940's mobster, and the deuteragonist of Hazbin Hotel. As an A-list, drug addicted, gay porn star and celebrity, his antics complicate the Happy Hotel and its success as he becomes the hotel's first patient.


Angel Dust is a spider-demon. He is about eight feet tall and wears long dark pink thigh-high boots. His pupils are pink, and his scleras are light yellow in the right eye and dark pink in the left eye. His skin/fur is white, with some light pink dots on his hair. He has a large bust sticking out of his white and pink-striped suit. He also wears a dark pink bow-tie, a choker, 4 pink gloves and a black short.

When he is a drag queen, his hair is longer, due to him wearing a wig. However, in art Vivienne has done, he tends to put highlights or patterns in his hair whenever doing drag as well.

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They have a certain frenemy relationship; neither liking nor disliking each other.


Angel isn't in the slightest bit aware of Alastors reputation as "the radio demon" or who Alastor is.

Sir Pentious


Arackniss is Angel's brother. It is unknown if he will appear in the show.


Molly will not appear in the pilot, but is canonically Angel Dust's sister.


Cherri and Angel are partners in crime.

Fat Nuggets

Fat Nuggets is Angel Dust's pet pig.



  • He was supposed to appear in Zoophobia's "Angels and Demons" arc.
    • He is supposed to be Arackniss's brother.
  • According to Vivziepop's recent Q&A with Angel Dust, Angel learned everything from Cherri.
  • His favorite day is April Fools Day.
  • He is named after the drug PCP, which is nicknamed "Angel Dust".
  • His blood is pink.
  • His nationality is Italian, but lived in the Chicago area.
  • His bottom limbs are retractable and usually stay retracted due to animation restraints.
  • According to an old sketch by Vivziepop, Arackniss was actually the one that killed Angel after giving him a black eye. However, this might be outdated information.
  • Slutty Spider Polka Pop, composed by musical artist Gooseworx in 2016, is Angel Dust's theme in the Hazbin Hotel score.
  • He died in his 20s, presumably 23-27