Information found online is most likely outdated. All information is to be changed following theory debunk streams, upcoming Patreon comics, and the pilot.

Baxter is an inventor, a scientist, and a character in Hazbin Hotel.


Baxter has grey-blue skin and fish fins to resemble ears. His hair is a dark blue color. He also has cyan teeth, sclera, and red eyes. His goggles are yellow. Baxter wears a gray laboratory suit and a tiny grey hat. He also wears black gloves and boots.


Baxter's personality has not been finished, but Viv likens him to the character Myron Reducto from the show "Harvey Birdman."



  • Before the redesign, he was much taller than now.
  • Baxter is a male character, despite possessing the trademark features of an anglerfish, which only appear on females.
  • It is speculated that he died on the Titanic.